Unique Etsy Finds Under $25

Etsy has always been a place for unique/ handmade items that are known to sometimes come with a bit of a price tag. Well, that’s because of the unique value of creativity and craftsmanship. However, being on a budget shouldn’t hinder you from being part of this beautiful world of handcrafters and designers. Here are 7 beautiful Etsy finds under $25.

  1. Handmade Enamel Bowls
    These handmade bowls by Love Bohemians make us want to whip up a healthy Acai Bowl or fill them with dainty little rings. Made by craftsmen with centuries-old skills, they are truly one-of-a-kind.
  1. Mountain Rings
    Wood has never looked as hipster as this! Clive’s shop is full of innovative and out of the box ideas that will put a smile on your face every day.
  1. Yellow & White House Planter
    Keeping plants alive, is not my strong suit. Perhaps, my plants were missing was a cosy home? This one by Erinnies might just be what they need! Check out their full range, you will love them, promise!
  1. Gin Bunny Enamel Pin
    This Gin Bunny definitely got me bunny hopping because I’m all a little bit of a badge bunny.  3 words for this cute Gin Bunny – take my money!
  1. Green PEACE Pillow Cover
    A Pina Colada could go well with this pillow, eh? 🙂 All of Whimsical Lane’s pillow designs are unique, so if you are looking for a statement piece, it’s the place to go.
  1. Camping Enamel Mug
    We are crazy about Nokkvalley’s enamel mug designs, especially this one. It’s a great reminder for all us adventurers at heart.
  1. Dachshund Cross Stitch Kit
    Who can resist a cute sausage dog?! This cross-stitch kit is so cute that it could possibly persuade me to start a new hobby. Little Beach Hut is full of cute and unique kits to help you get started. 🙂
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