Unicorn Magic

This summer, it was all about unicorns. I even picked up a unicorn powerbank to lug around, because why not? Summer may be behind us, but the magic of these mystical creatures has not left us. So, we search through Etsy and discovered some beautiful items inspired by the colourful unicorn magic dust.

1. Iridescent Glitter Bag
There may not be a spiralling horn, but the iridescent colours are just as magical. Shine Shack specialises in everything colourful and shiny, so they definitely have the magical unicorn touch.

2. Unicorn Cross Stitch Kit
Yes, another cross stitch kit. But seriously, would you not get into cross stitching when you are given something this gorgeous? The Make Arcade’s cross stitch kits are colourful, fun and look completely achievable! I will let you know when I’ve finished one.

3. Coconut Handmade Unicorn Soap
Looking almost too good to use, these are just simply too adorable! They are paraben & SLS free too. How does it get any better? Oh, they are unicorns. Ok, I surrender.

4. Long Tail Unicorn Wine Glass
I already love wine, but this unicorn wine glasses will take my wine drinking days to a whole new level! Everything in Toasted Glass is hand painted by Monique, and everything in her shop is gorgeous.

5. Lollipop Yellow Ombre Pillow
This pillow design is undoubtedly inspired by the mane of the unicorn. Just look at the colours! This will definitely add a little touch of unicorn magic to your home.

6. Unicorn Rainbow Dish
I think this unicorn should be named George, what do you think? He and his friend are all handmade and hand painted at The Star and Heart, so every one of them has its own personality and expression. What would you name your unicorn?

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