The Sincerest Gift of All

Some years ago, my brother gave me a birthday card that had no message in it besides the default ‘Happy Birthday’ the card came with. The confusion I felt was laughable. My brother’s justification was that the card came with the necessary message, ie. “Happy Birthday”, what else is there to write?

Fast forward to my birthday this year, my brother took over the family birthday card and wrote 2 pages worth of heartfelt message. It was the best gift I received and until this day, when I get annoyed at him, I remember snippets of his writing which give me more patience.

So, kids, the moral of the story is – the value of a handwritten message from the heart, is priceless.

This year, we are hoping to bring back the tradition of card writing for the festive season. When was the last time you wrote one to someone you care about? In this age of funny gifs and chain messages, crafting an original message seems so – unconventional. (CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE IT?)

Together with The Alphabet Press, we designed 4 very modern but magical cards, letterpress to perfection by Zee Jay, the resident printmaker at The Alphabet Press. We hope that these will encourage you to pen down more heartfelt messages and gift your loved ones the sincerest give of all – a heartfelt, handwritten Christmas card.

If you are looking for a cosy gift to go along with it, check out our Modern Bohemian Christmas Sets. It contains a pillow cover and a matching letterpress card. It may be unconventional, but it sure is cosy! Just what the season calls for. 🙂

Letterpress cards are available at The Alphabet Press Studio & our online store.

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