The perfect marriage

What makes a marriage perfect? Is it how opposite you are, or how similar you are? I think if you want the relationship enough, both approaches could work. Personally, I am very opposite to my partner, which was a tough mix initially. But eventually, as we learned to communicate and work together, the resulting synergy is something I would never trade.

Therefore, when designing the latest collection, bringing together contrasting design approaches was very appealing to me. By combining my love affair with Aztec-inspired tribal print and my insatiable passion for monochromatic sleekness, the outcome was the perfect marriage of prints.

Let me introduce you to our cosiest collection yet.  Meet Iris, Liberty, Luna and Indigo from the new Modern Bohemian collection.

Everything about this collection is big, plush and lush. It is made from thick woven linen fabric, printed beautifully and have luscious black tassels dangling from each corner.

Iris – Bohemian Pillow Cover

From the serrated geometric patterns to luscious tassels, this charming boho chic print may be the most hippie of the bunch. By perfectly balancing bohemian charm with modern allure, this contemporary bohemian pillow design is perfect for any home.

Liberty – Modern Ethnic Pillow Cover

Beautiful, crisps and sharp. This decorative pillow cover design is the ultimate embodiment of less is more. Whether you are a boho babe or a modern monsieur, this tribal pillow cover will suit you perfectly.

Luna – Minimalist Aztec Pillow Cover

Paying homage to the classic Aztec tribal style, Luna is a modern Aztec. It features geometric shapes all in a row. However, by painting it in a beautiful deep blue it brings this classic tribal pattern right into the 21st century.

Indigo – Geometric Tribal Pillow Cover

Entrancing, intricate and hypnotising. This geometric tribal pillow cover is definitely one-of-a-kind. Whether you love geometric designs, tribal prints, or monochromes, this design has it all. A true stand out piece for any space.

There you have it our latest additions to the Whimsical Lane family. Which do you like best or are you like me and simply can’t decide on just one?  🙂

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