Pop Art: Do You Dare

Pop art was an art movement rebelling against the traditions of fine art emerging around the mid-1950s from Britain and later in North America. This daring form of art was an expression of post war optimism in a youthful visual language. This art movement is often made up of popular imagery, rendered with a wit, colours and irony creating genius psychedelic pieces of art. Andy Warhol‘s work are probably the most recognisable with his rendition of the Campbell’s Soup Can and Marilyn Monroe. Here’s an awesome source to learn more about Andy Warhol and his extraordinary life.

I love pop art for its bold mishmash of colours. By now you will know that colours are my weakness, which is why I am defenceless towards the summer’s neon trend. With the season transitioning into fall, pops of colours can still work, in fact, it pops better against a subdued or monochrome palette, creating interest, balance and personality as shown below; a modern pop art loft rendered by Dmitriy Schuka‘s. Of course the pink wall with the oversized comic pop art is my favourite bit and truly for the eclectic dare-devils. Oh and the neon pink vanity in the bathroom is just ingenious! If only this was an actual home instead of a interior rendering! I can’t contain it, not enough exclamation marks can express it; I’m-just-so-in-love!


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