NEW Monochrome Pillow Collection

Minimalistic Black and White Pillows

It has been a long time coming, but we’ve finally launched a new collection!  After bringing out many colourful and vibrant pillow cover series, we thought that we would create something more timeless and classic but with a little Whimsical Lane twist. So here’s a closer look at the collection.

First up will be the most classic of the bunch, these grid lines which are a minimalistic take on the checkers prints just make a space look lot more trendy instantaneously. And, this pillow design comes in a royal blue colour too that gives the pillow an uptown vibe. So trendy & fashionable hipsters, this should suit your space perfectly!

Checkers Pillows Cover Group

If you are looking for something more expressive, these are the pillow covers for you. Designed with randomly distributed brush stokes, this design is a balance of being minimalistic and artistic. It also comes in both blue & white!

Artistic Pillow Covers

But if you are seriously adventurous and looking for a statement piece, you will love this eye-tripping, optical illusion pillow cover. The bold black and white geometric patterns come together to form this attention grabbing graphic print. Especially if you are into the 60s Mod kind of style, this is definitely the pillow cover that you!

Optical Illusion Pillow Cover

And on that psychedelic note, it completes our introduction to the new monochrome collection. Which of these monochrome pillow design suits your personality the best?

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