In the mood for colourful pillows.

The story behind this series is mainly all the little moments in life that makes us feel so alive, without us realising it. In this day and age when we constantly hurried off our feet, we forget to experience each and every moment. We always tend to wait for a life-altering event instead of living in the moment. However, when you string these little moments together, it forms the canvas of your life. So remember to enjoy, taste and savour everything you see and everything you feel. In your many moods, find a reason to celebrate.

Amethyst Romance

Heart flutters, ear-to-ear grins, meeting eyes with a stranger on the street. None of these may blossom into anything significant, but those moments will play on your mind for the day. This pillow cover with flirtatious shades of purples is inspired by these blissful brushes with romance that leave a smile on your face all day long.



Blue Serenity

Me-time is rejuvenating. It’s the best time to straighten out cluttered minds knotted by the hectic everyday life – cue sitting by the window scene with splattering raindrops for an over the top melancholy impact. 🙂 This blue ombre pillow designed for the calm & subdued moments spent reconnecting with you.


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Scarlet Madness


A furious explosion of reds for moments that Ever experienced moments of fury when you feel like you can set everything ablaze?


Dreaming in Colours

A myriad of colours to celebrate all the different moments in life. This colourful madness is for when you wake up bursting with happiness and sunshine from within. Your world can be collapsing to chaos but you are just a bubble of colourful bliss. It’s that feeling just absolutely wonderful?


The hope for this series is that it will gently remind you of all the little moments that are worth celebrating and all these are what that make life beautiful

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