How to Set Up a Whimsical Picnic

Blue Ombre Pillow, Purple Ombre Pillow, White Grid Pillow

It was a gorgeous day when we decided to head to out for a whimsical picnic. Armed with our homemade tent, plentiful of pillows and colourful throws, we took the trek up to set up the tent. It was hot but well worth it.

Here’s what you need for a whimsical picnic of your own:

  1. Throws
  2. Pillows
  3. Makeshift tables (we used some old crates)
  4. Snacks and lemonade
  5. Tent – optional
  6. Fun people – a must!

This is also when we shot our very first trailer too! That’s probably the only part that made it a tad bit stressful. But in the end, we had fun it turned out great. Thanks team!

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