Fashionably black & white like the Fashion Police.

While having my eyes glued to the Fashion Police getting the latest scoop on the red carpet fashion, something caught my eye.WL_1


Do you see that? The black and white statement pillow looks that is perched right next to Juliana looks rather much like Whimsical Lane’s very own Optical Illusion Pillow and it looks so chic sitting there right next to Juliana, Brad and Mellissa.

FP3Met our Optical Illusion Black & White Pillow Cover, which we nicknamed the Modernistic Maverick. While black and white stripes are always timeless, and classy; this pillow cover and its black and white stripes definitely does not conform within the regular stripe rules and adds a little twist on things. By manipulating the direction of the stripes in random sections, this hypnotic graphic design still exudes a chic, modernistic vibe while being undoubtedly attention-grabbing number, it is just one of those crazies that you can’t help but love.

FP2This is probably why the Fashion Police has gone for a similar vibe on their couch! A little edgy but still chic, so stylish, so fashionable. 🙂 Plus, noticed how all their pillows on the couch do not match? This new Fashion Police set is a far cry its previous symmetrical, matchy matchy one. This new age interior decorating approach of neutral staple piece accessorised with bold soft furnishings with mixed patterns, is totally how you should have fun with your interior. It doesn’t matter that the patterns don’t match, because it is fun, chic and most importantly original. Gone are the days when your pillows and couch blend in with each other.

wl_2Think of it as an expression of your creativity, like putting together a floral arrangement for your home. Use your couch as another canvas to showcase your impeccable sense of style, just as the Fashion Police has. I mean, when it comes to style, the Fashion Police couldn’t be wrong, right?

FP1Are you bold enough to bring this daring, unconventional but stylish decorating inspiration into your home?




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