Cosying Up With Autumn

I may be based in a tropical country, but my buying habits are deeply affected by the changing seasons. Not because our weather changes, more so the shop windows changes. Now as I see cosy knits and comfy coats fill up shop windows – which I have no idea why since our weather is 30°C all year round.

For those of you who get to enjoy crisp Autumn mornings and leaves crunching underneath your boots, know that you are absolutely privileged. To get in on a little cosy Autumn action in this tropical climate, I make time to get cosy with breakfast in bed, fairy lights and all that jazz.

I become more of an introvert during this season as well, enjoying slower morning and taking the time to reflect on the months that flew past and recharge for the festive months that lie ahead.

How do you get into the mood for Autumn?

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