I was asked a question the other day ‘Do you think burning out is an emotional response or it can be managed?”

This is such a good question because in this fast-paced, technology driven world, burning out is hard to avoid. However, is it part of a cycle or if we do it right this is preventable and we can maintain sustainable passion and enthusiasm towards our everyday lives?

Increasingly, I have become a believer of – constant soul replenishment. This is where we build a system to refuel our souls daily to help us outlast this marathon we call life. Being time poor and fatigue always seems to stand in the way of any recharging efforts, but if you spend 30 minutes in the morning dazing into the distance or sitting in traffic, you have time to replenish.

Here are a few things to add to your morning rush that sets the tone right for the day. Some of them, you can multitask too.

Listening to Podcasts

The discovery of the podcast world has turn my loath for traffic into a time that I look forward to. Because I get to catch up on my backlog of podcasts. They are great thought starters, source of inspiration and sometimes just humorous depending on which podcast you are tuning into.

Here are two of my favourites:

Monocle – from inspiring entrepreneurs to catching up on world happenings, you bet Monocle will take you into a different world that’s so uplifting you are supercharged for the day ahead.

Invisibilia – This might be a potent way to kick start your day but the way Alix challenges our point of views through gripping stories always puts my mind into overdrive. A great wake me up with you ask me. ?

Anticipate with a plan

During my first internship, my manager told me that the skill you can learn is to work with anticipation. Anticipate what’s to come so you are prepared for anything. So, you can either whip out a notebook or just visualise the day ahead while you sip on your morning coffee or doing your makeup. Picturing how I anticipate my day will unfold has resulted in a less frazzle version of me. I would highly recommend.


Yes, I know you’ve just woken up and you are self-pampering? Well, this is not asking you to call in a masseuse, but more of taking time to mindfully create an energising environment for your being. It could be making the bed or enjoying your favourite breakfast. Anything that put you in a better mood with a calm yet willful state of mind.

Hopefully, this will help you run the marathon we call life. If you have other tips and tricks, do share so we can run this long distance race together. ?

This summer, it was all about unicorns. I even picked up a unicorn powerbank to lug around, because why not? Summer may be behind us, but the magic of these mystical creatures has not left us. So, we search through Etsy and discovered some beautiful items inspired by the colourful unicorn magic dust.

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Some years ago, my brother gave me a birthday card that had no message in it besides the default ‘Happy Birthday’ the card came with. The confusion I felt was laughable. My brother’s justification was that the card came with the necessary message, ie. “Happy Birthday”, what else is there to write?

Fast forward to my birthday this year, my brother took over the family birthday card and wrote 2 pages worth of heartfelt message. It was the best gift I received and until this day, when I get annoyed at him, I remember snippets of his writing which give me more patience.

So, kids, the moral of the story is – the value of a handwritten message from the heart, is priceless.

This year, we are hoping to bring back the tradition of card writing for the festive season. When was the last time you wrote one to someone you care about? In this age of funny gifs and chain messages, crafting an original message seems so – unconventional. (CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE IT?)

Together with The Alphabet Press, we designed 4 very modern but magical cards, letterpress to perfection by Zee Jay, the resident printmaker at The Alphabet Press. We hope that these will encourage you to pen down more heartfelt messages and gift your loved ones the sincerest give of all – a heartfelt, handwritten Christmas card.

If you are looking for a cosy gift to go along with it, check out our Modern Bohemian Christmas Sets. It contains a pillow cover and a matching letterpress card. It may be unconventional, but it sure is cosy! Just what the season calls for. 🙂

Letterpress cards are available at The Alphabet Press Studio & our online store.

The most wonderful time of the year is here! And we have some limited-edition Christmas Sets in collaboration with The Alphabet Press to share!

The Alphabet Press (TAP) is a letterpress printing company that’s modernising and reviving letterpress printing in Malaysia. We are so delighted to work with them on this year’s Christmas Gift Sets.

Translating our Modern Bohemian collection into letterpress designs was a wonderful learning experience.

As you can see, intricate lines work best for letterpress printing. These prints are printed to perfection under the watchful eyes of Zee Jay, TAP’s resident printmaker. Meanwhile, Cliff, guided us to achieve the best designs that will dance off the paper.

These sets are a perfect marriage of age-old mastery and modern artistry, fitting for a 21st century Christmas. Gifting a pillow may be unconventional, but it sure is cosy! It is the best way to give the ones you love a snug & a hug that will last them until next Christmas!

Complete your gift with a handwritten message on our limited-edition letterpress Christmas Card and you will be everyone’s favourite Santa this year!

The Christmas sets are very limited in quantity, so grab them before they go!

Etsy has always been a place for unique/ handmade items that are known to sometimes come with a bit of a price tag. Well, that’s because of the unique value of creativity and craftsmanship. However, being on a budget shouldn’t hinder you from being part of this beautiful world of handcrafters and designers. Here are 7 beautiful Etsy finds under $25.

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I may be based in a tropical country, but my buying habits are deeply affected by the changing seasons. Not because our weather changes, more so the shop windows changes. Now as I see cosy knits and comfy coats fill up shop windows – which I have no idea why since our weather is 30°C all year round.

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What makes a marriage perfect? Is it how opposite you are, or how similar you are? I think if you want the relationship enough, both approaches could work. Personally, I am very opposite to my partner, which was a tough mix initially. But eventually, as we learned to communicate and work together, the resulting synergy is something I would never trade.

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