I draw inspiration from my surroundings.
So, each collection is anchored to a moment in my life.

The Modern Bohemian range was when I was missing cosy winters in the UK and the Block Party is inspired by the explosion of 70s & 80s trend, which I love!

Because I am a self-taught designer, designing takes a little longer than I would like. Sometimes I make mistakes and send them off to print, but it’s all part of the process.

Lucky for me, my bestie is a graphic designer
extraordinaire, who gives me plenty of guidance and support.

I work very closely with my makers to get every detail right. From fabric choice, colour matching to the colour of the zippers; no detail is left unpicked.

My favourite part is test printing the designs!

Once every detail is finalised, we go into print!
Every pillow is hand sewn, checked individually and packed to ensure they would look the best in your home.

However, as with all handmade goods, there will be slight imperfections which we embrace, because they add a special touch to every piece.

Our Pillows In Action

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