Behind the Scenes of Our First Trailer

Our first trailer! So many people, so much effort, so much love! Here are some of the best moments from the shoot.

The concept was to set up a whimsical picnic at a barren location so that the products will pop. The issue is there will be no tree branch or surface for us to set up a cosy tent. So, we built our own, boy scout style.

The frame turns out to be quite sturdy. 🙂

We also had some great friends who were willing to help make this a success.

Piled on the pillows and the throws and we are ready to shoot!

The day was unbelievably hot but when a team with a shared vision come together, magic happens. We are so incredibly thankful to everyone who pitched in without expecting anything in return. This is when you know you’ve made friends for life. 🙂

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