Whimsical Lane is designed for the well-traveled dreamers, the adventurous wanderers and liberated hearts.

Founded out of a need for beautiful things to love and own, our dream is to give Whimsical Lane collectors the delight of owning something unique that is lovingly made and thoughtfully created.

We are all about celebrating individuality and creativity through beautiful and thoughtful designs. Our rule when creating and curating for Whimsical Lane is to stay imaginative & be positive. Because we know the value this uplifting energy will bring when our products reach your space.

When we love what we own, we will have it forever. Together, let’s explore curiously, create wholeheartedly and design a life filled with treasures that will be uniquely loved and forever ours.

Hello, I’m Roe

Ever since I was little, I’ve always preferred roaming the aisle of the home department over any other – well probably the food hall too. 🙂 When it was my turn to redecorate my room, I realised affordable designs aren’t unique and unique designs aren’t budget-friendly. This is why I started Whimsical Lane. Besides pursuing my love for beautiful home & living designs, I’m passionate about offering one of a kind, beautifully designed textile that will enliven your space, affordably.

When designing a Whimsical Lane pillow, I make sure that they are uplifting, modern and timeless. The greatest attention has been given to every detail from design to finish. Because a few good pillows can change the vibe of your space. I believe when you live in a positive space that also reflects who you are, it empowers & inspires you every day.

I am grateful for your love and support towards Whimsical Lane’s designs and look forward to seeing each of them become apart of your space and story.

Get in touch:

If you have any queries or just want to say hello, drop me an email at: [email protected]